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Father like son by JulyMays Father like son :iconjulymays:JulyMays 10 5 Fluttercord lemon insanity XD by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Mature content
Fluttercord lemon insanity XD :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 157 100
Big Mac and Sugar Belle by JulyMays Big Mac and Sugar Belle :iconjulymays:JulyMays 103 18 He is just like you Bright Mac! by JulyMays He is just like you Bright Mac! :iconjulymays:JulyMays 20 4 SAMUS ARAN :) by Witchking00
Mature content
SAMUS ARAN :) :iconwitchking00:Witchking00 833 32
Dr. Maheswaran cosplay by svanas
Mature content
Dr. Maheswaran cosplay :iconsvanas:svanas 280 8
Hekapoo by Layerth
Mature content
Hekapoo :iconlayerth:Layerth 333 21
Naked Apron Dementia by Mrcrabx10 Naked Apron Dementia :iconmrcrabx10:Mrcrabx10 72 4 Demencia by fotanimaciones Demencia :iconfotanimaciones:fotanimaciones 83 65 Midnight Secret - No Such Luck by Trackforce Midnight Secret - No Such Luck :icontrackforce:Trackforce 18 10 Fool's Paradise Poster by CandyRandy7D Fool's Paradise Poster :iconcandyrandy7d:CandyRandy7D 44 24 Our Bundle Of Joy by MissInspi Our Bundle Of Joy :iconmissinspi:MissInspi 53 21 HAPPY FAMILY IS HAPPY by MissInspi HAPPY FAMILY IS HAPPY :iconmissinspi:MissInspi 48 18 April Fools Poster Featuring Luan by CandyRandy7D April Fools Poster Featuring Luan :iconcandyrandy7d:CandyRandy7D 7 1 Sergio's Shenanigans by CandyRandy7D Sergio's Shenanigans :iconcandyrandy7d:CandyRandy7D 33 17 Closet Space by napoleonxvi Closet Space :iconnapoleonxvi:napoleonxvi 98 3
Death To Smoochy cast

Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Randolph Smiley
Twilight Sparkle: Sheldon Mopes/Smoochy
Flash Sentry: Nora Wells
Celestia: Burke Bennett
Luna: Marion Frank Stokes
Spike: Angelo Pike (Angelo Spike)
Applejack: Tommy Cotter
Fluttershy: Spinner Dunn
Rarity: Merv Green
Rainbow Dash: Buggy Ding Dong

Equestria Gear cast

Twilight Sparkle: Solid Snake (Solid Sparkle)
Moondancer: Hal Emmerich
Derpy: Gray Fox (Gray Derp)
Flash Sentry: Meryl Silverburgh
Trixie: Liquid Snake (Liquid Trixie)
Applejack: Revolver Ocelot/Liquid Ocelot (Revolver Applejack/Liquid Applejack)
Bulk Biceps: Vulcan Raven (Bulkan Chicken)
Pinkie Pie: Tretji Rebenok/Psycho Mantis (Tretji Kopyla/Pinkie Mantis)
Rarity: Sniper Wolf (Sniper Rarity)
Rainbow Dash: Raiden (Raiden Dash)
Sunset Shimmer: Solidus Snake (Solidus Shimmer)
Vinyl Scratch: Fortune (DJ-4TUN3)
Big Macintosh: Fatman (Fatmac)
Trouble Shoes: Peter Stillman
Fluttershy: Vamp (Fluttervamp)
Twist: Emma Emmerich (Twist E.)
Princess Luna: Roy Campbell (Colonel Moon)
Doctor Whooves: Naomi Hunter
Twilight Velvet: EVA/Big Mama
Princess Celestia: Naked Snake/Big Boss (Naked Celestia/Celestial Boss)
Princess Cadance: Master Miller (Mistress Cadance)
Discord: Zero (Major Discord)
The Cobra Unit (The Coltbra Unit)
  • Lauren Faust/Fausticorn: The Joy/The Boss (The Faust)
  • Maud Pie: The Sorrow (Maud Sorrow)
  • Linestone Pie: The Fury
  • Granny Smith: The End
  • Cheese Sandwich: The Fear
  • Braeburn: The Pain
King Sombra: Colonel Volgin/Man on Fire (Colonel Sombra/Stallion on Fire)
Fancy Pants: Nikolai Sokolov
Firefly: Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov
Flim and Flam: Elsa and Ursula
Iron Will: Lt. Cunningham
Starlight Glimmer: Hot Coldman (Hot Coldmare)
Sunburst: Huey Emmerich
Suri Polomare: Ramon Galvez Mena
Coco Pommel: Paz Ortega Andrade
Thunderlane: Amanda Libre
Rumble: Chico Libre
Spike: Sunny
Zecora: Drebin 893
Cutie Mark Crusaders: Beauty and the Beast Unit/B&B Corps (Cutie and the Beast Unit/CMC Corps)
  • Apple Bloom: Screaming Mantis (Apple Mantis)
  • Sweetie Belle: Laughing Octopus (Sweetie Octopus)
  • Scootaloo: Raging Raven (Raging Chicken)
  • Babs Seed: Crying Wolf (Crying Seed)
Winds of Destruction (Wings of Destruction)
  • Prince Blueblood: Mistral (Bluestral)
  • Marble Pie: Monsoon (Marbsoon)
  • Donut Joe: Sundowner (Sundownut)
  • Daring Do: Jetstream Sam (Darestream Do)
Mayor Mare: Senator Armstrong (Mayor Hoofstrong)
Mrs. Harshwinny: Skull Face (Skullwinny)
Queen Chrysalis: Venom Snake (Crystal Celestia)
Fluffle Puff: Quiet (Quiet Puff)
Tirek: Code Talker
Winona: D-Dog 

House Of The Dead Ponies: Overkill cast

Twilight Sparkle: G (T)
Applejack: Isaac Washington (Apple Washington)
Flash Sentry: Varla Guns
Rarity: Papa Ceaser (Mama Rarity)
Pinkie Pie: Clement Darling (Pinkie Darling)
Big Mac and Applebloom: Nigel and Sebastian

Throw Granny from the Train

Shining Armor: Larry Donner
Big Macintosh: Owen Lift
Granny Smith: Momma
Cadance: Beth
Twilight Sparkle: Margaret Donner

The League of Super Critic Ponies

Twilight Sparkle: Nostalgia Critic (Nostalgia Sparkle)
Applejack: Linkara
Rarity: Cinema Snob
Pinkie Pie: Spoony (Spoony Pie)
Rainbow Dash: Angry Joe (Angry Dash)
Fluttershy: Nostalgia Chick?
Moondancer: The Angry Video Game Nerd


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